FileMaker Licensing

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FileMaker Licensing Has Changed

There are now three types of FileMaker licensing programs:

  • User Licensing
  • Concurrent Connection Licensing
  • Site Licensing

When you purchase User or Site licensing, you receive all products for the entire FileMaker platform.

  • Any of these three programs can be licensed on an annual or perpetual basis.
  • The FileMaker Pro desktop application has been merged into FileMaker Advanced. For users who don’t need developer features like the script debugger or custom menu editing, the advanced features can be turned off.
  • For existing customers, the legacy Volume Licensing Agreement (VLA) and FileMaker Licensing for Teams (FLT) programs have been succeeded by the new User Licensing program.
    Note: All existing volume, FLT, concurrent connection, and site licensing customer contracts will be automatically transitioned to the appropriate licensing contract for FileMaker 18.

For frequently asked questions, see FileMaker User Licensing FAQ

User Licensing

When you buy a minimum of 5 user licenses, you receive the entire FileMaker platform:

  • FileMaker Server: Up to 3 FileMaker Servers, 1 of which can be FileMaker Cloud (for annual license only)
  • FileMaker Pro Advanced: one for each user
  • FileMaker WebDirect (available via FileMaker Server or FileMaker Cloud)
  • FileMaker Go
  • FileMaker Data API

Site Licensing

When you buy a site license, you receive the entire FileMaker platform for the number of licensed users. For example, a 25 user site license allows you to have 25 FileMaker Servers:

  • FileMaker Server: Up to the number of licensed users.
  • FileMaker WebDirect (available via FileMaker Server or FileMaker Cloud)
  • FileMaker Go
  • FileMaker Data API

Concurrent Connection Licensing

Concurrent connection licenses are ideal for anonymous or occasional use cases, such as when you don’t know who will be accessing your WebDirect web application. When you purchase Concurrent Connection Licensing, you receive:

  • Shared access to the FileMaker platform by more than 1 person.
  • Creation or usage of apps with iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac or the web using the FileMaker Platform
  • FileMaker Go
  • FileMaker WebDirect
  • Access to 1 FileMaker Server OR 1 FileMaker Cloud instance

Anonymous users may access the solution through FileMaker Go or FileMaker WebDirect only. For FileMaker Pro Advanced access, you must purchase user licenses.

License Offerings

If you need to:

  • License Filemaker for all users in your company, and you have a minimum of 25 users, you can purchase a Site License.
  • License FileMaker for less than all of the users in your company, you can purchase a User License.
  • License connections for your anonymous users (i.e. non-employees) to connect from a web browser through WebDirect or on the FileMaker Go client for IOS devices, license Concurrent Connections.

Existing Licenses

Existing users will automatically be rolled into the new licensing programs upon renewal. There is a one year price protection. Depending on timing of renewal, it is possible for customers to extend their current pricing up to 4 years from the time of when FileMaker 17 was released.
If you need to...

  • Renew your FileMaker Annual Licenses...
  • Renew your Software Maintenance for 1 or 2 years...
  • Add additional Users to an existing license agreement...
  • Add connections to an existing FileMaker Server license...
  • Consolidate multiple license agreements...

...give us a call at the number below or email us and let us save you money. We'll find the licensing option that perfectly matches your needs. All of our licenses include a year of free upgrades.

Remember that we can also help you with FileMaker training and custom development. If you have an existing FileMaker system that needs some help, we can assist with that as well.